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tu One-word-polyrhymes of Alexander Gami

Why one word?

Because there is one word per line. If in quatrains the last words in stanzas rhyme, then each word has a rhyming couplet. Therefore, there can be no stanzas in the One-word polyrhyme.


Why polyrhyme?

Because there are many rhymes since each word has a pair. If a poem has 20 words, then it has 10 rhyming couplets. We write numbers for clarity.


One-word polyrhyme is just one form in which you can create a work. And what the author ends up getting depends on their talent, intellect, experience and taste.


Criteria for creating “One-word polyrhyme”:


  1. The poem should be short.

(Today's reader has time to just glance at the work)

  1. Every word in a poem must have at least one rhyming couplet.

(Numbers are for clarity)

  1. The poem must contain at least three rhyming couplets.
  2. The poem should have a semantic meaning and not just be a string of words that rhyme.


One-word polyrhyme was created by Alexander Gami in the late 1980s. As part of the competition "Golden Pen of Russia 2007" in the nomination "Poetry" he held for the first time a sub-competition of one-word polyrhymes. As a result of this event, a collection of one-word polyrhyme poems was published in the same year, which included works from 20 Russian-speaking authors from around the world, who write in this form.


The first and second collective collection “One-word polyrhyme” received a silver medal in the nomination “Almanacs and Collections” in the “Best Book 2010” competition named after Leonid German in Berlin.


The 8th collection of authors of “One-word polyrhymes” is now being prepared for publication.

Song premiere

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Premiere of the verse


«Чтоб вам жить в интересное время!» -

Мы, похоже, в таком и живём!

И несём нас томящее бремя,

Даже сами не зная о том!

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